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CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet

CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet



CCM Super Tacks X Helmet - The Next Evolution in Hockey Helmet Tech
The CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet will keep your head feeling great from buzzer to buzzer. This cutting edge hockey helmet is the first to feature a 3D printed interior. Crafted with NEST Tech lattice, the Super Tacks X increases breathability, offers premium comfort, and elite protection. Maximum airflow helps regulate head temperature to avoid overheating on the ice and freezing on the bench. This new level of breathability means you can maintain consistent energy levels and make better decisions on the ice. The performance benefits are huge, but the lattice system using Carbon3D also ensures a snug and secure fit.


Carbon3D NEST Tech Lattice System
This is the next evolution of helmet technology. CCM partnered with Carbon3D to create the most intricate and finely tuned liner ever created. Hockey helmets traditionally use a variety of foams to offer both protection and comfort. The Super Tacks X uses a new lattice system called NEST Tech. In photos the lattice looks like a stiff structure similar to a honeycomb, but it’s actually a soft spongy material with over 130,000 individual struts.

The computer generated structure enables incredible control over the dampening and dispersion effects of the struts to absorb various impacts as safely as possible. The system also builds an optimized liner shape with geometries that offer a continuous fit. Not only is this continuous fit great for protection, but it hugs each head comfortably. The lattice works to maintain even pressure all around the head and reduce any pressure hot spots.

To complement the lattice system, CCM uses D3O Smart Material to help distribute impact energy. D3O is a tried and true material that supplements impact dampening in key areas of the helmet.


Outer Shell Construction
The Super Tacks X has a pro approved look with sleek aesthetics. The outer shell has a reinforced side impact frame to help with energy dispersion. While the main story with the Super Tacks X is focused on the internal protection, CCM has created another great looking helmet. Sold separately is a personalization kit allowing players to add a bit colour to the stock helmet. The kit includes front and side logos, ear loops and a chin strap.


Fit & Sizing Adjustments
Adjusting the Super Tacks X is easy with the tool-free side clips. Simply lift the adjustment clips just above the ear clips to adjust the size from front-to-back for a secure fit. The Super Tacks X is available in size small, medium, and large. Here’s a quick breakdown of the sizing guide:

Small \\ Hat Size: 6½ - 7⅛ \\ Head Circumference: 52.5 cm - 57.0 cm
Medium \\ Hat Size: 7 - 7 ½  \\ Head Circumference: 55.5 cm - 60.0 cm
Large \\ Hat Size: 7 ⅜  - 8 \\ Head Circumference: 58.5 cm - 63.0 cm


The Super Tacks X Helmet carries CSA, HECC, and CE certifications.


Sizes & Colors
The CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet comes in sizes Small through Large, and is available in Black, White, Navy, Royal, and Red.

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