Bauer Prodigy Youth Face Cage

Bauer Prodigy Youth Face Cage



  • Description

    The Bauer Prodigy Silver Hockey Helmet Cage is designed to assist youth players with an easily adjusted cage. Both the mounts on top of the cage and the clips along the sides are adjustable to accommodate a variety of face shapes. Additionally, the snap clips on the sides of the cage use a quick-release feature that makes attaching and unsnapping the clips super simple. 

    Bauer uses a cushioned dual-density chin cup for enhanced protection, with moisture-managing channels so there won't be a pool of sweat. For the final touch, the silver color provides a good contrast of both the ice and the puck.

    • Model Number: 1046914
    • Heritage: New




    • Steel construction


    • Silver cage color allows for excellent vision


    • Dual-density chin cup for comfort and protection
    • Moisture-management channels in chin cup
    • CSA, HECC, CE certified
    • Mounting hardware included

    Sizing Chart

    For more information on how to size and select a hockey helmet, click here. Cage may also fit certified hockey helmets from other brands and requires Prodigy snap screws.

    Helmet Compatibility Helmet Size  
    Prodigy YTH  
    IMS 5.0 SM  
    2100 JR  
    4500 XS  
    5100 XS  
    RE-AKT XS  
    RE-AKT 100 YTH, SM