Bauer Profile II Facemask

Bauer Profile II Facemask



  • Description

    The Bauer Profile II Black Hockey Helmet Cage is a great-looking, oval-wired cage that is available at a great price. The oval wires help to reduce visual obstruction while the dual-density floating chin cup provides solid comfort. Mounting hardware is included.


    The Bauer Profile II I2 "Oreo" Cage is a great looking, oval-wired cage that utilizes white, inside-facing bars to allow for better on-ice vision, while the black outer-facing bars help reduce glare. The oval-shaped wires help to reduce visual obstruction, and the dual-density floating chin cup provides solid comfort. Full mounting hardware is included.

    • Model Number: 1043047
    • Heritage: New
    • Cage Shape: Flat
    • Cage Height: (distance from middle of chin cup to top of cage)
      Size  /  Height
      XS  /  4.5"
      SM  /  5"
      MD  /  5.5"
      XL  /  6.0"




    • Strong, classic steel design


    • Oval-bar design reduces visual obstruction
    • Traditional bowl shape


    • Free-floating, dual-density chin cup with moisture channels
    • Antimicrobial fabric covering
    • CSA, HECC, CE certified
    • Mounting hardware included

    Sizing Chart

    For more information on how to size and select a hockey helmet, click here

    Individual cage sizes may fit more than one helmet size. Generally, the player will choose the cage size that matches their helmet size. However, the option to go smaller or larger may benefit the player who has a shorter or longer face shape. May also fit certified hockey helmets from other brands.


      XS SM MD LG
    4500 - XS        
    4500 - SM   X    
    4500 - MD     X  
    4500 - LG       X
    4500 - XL       X
    5100 - XS        
    5100 - SM   X    
    5100 - MD     X  
    5100 - LG       X
    5100 - XL       X
    RE-AKT 75 - SM X X    
    RE-AKT 75 - MD     X  
    RE-AKT 75 - LG       X