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Bauer Supreme 3S Intermediate Hockey Shoulder Pads

Bauer Supreme 3S Intermediate Hockey Shoulder Pads



The Bauer Supreme 3S Hockey Shoulder Pads target the competitive players. This shoulder takes many features from the UltraSonic and 3S pro and puts them in a more affordable package for the competitive player. The AMP Shoulder Cap, ADAPTIV Skin Sternum, and full rib wrap coverage are key features from the higher end models that are equipped on the 3S. 


Shoulder Caps & Protection
The Supreme 3S shoulder pad utilizes the same Active Motion Protection(AMP) technology in the shoulder caps as the UltraSonic. Bauer has specifically designed the AMP technology to allow the shoulder cap to move with you while still maintaining a low profile cap.


Sternum Protection
The new ADAPTIV Skin Sternum is low profile and provides protection that morphs to your body shape. The 3S also features a sternum front panel that floats over top of the ADAPTIV Skin. This technology allows you to move freely with the shoulder pad, while still having the protection you require.


Spine Protection
The spine protection on the Supreme 3S shoulder pad consists of a molded High-Density foam. The back panel underneath the spine insert is a full coverage molded vest that extends around to the ribs to cover any unprotected areas on the upper body.


Bicep Protection
The bicep protector is adjustable and features Polyethylene(PE) inserts to allow for the perfect balance of protection and mobility.


Bauer is using the Thermo Max sub liner in the 3S Senior shoulder pad. This liner incorporates moisture wicking properties, and will help keep your body cool during play.


Abdominal Protection Piece
The extended abdominal protection piece is removable, giving you the option to leave it on for full coverage, or removing it if there’s any interference with the pants.



The Bauer Supreme 3S Intermediate Hockey Shoulder Pad comes in the sizes Medium and Large. Check out our size guide to find the perfect fit.

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