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Bauer Vapor 3X Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor 3X Grip Senior Hockey Stick



The Bauer Vapor 3X Hockey Stick is perfect for the dynamic player who wants elite performance at an approachable price. This low kick point stick offers many technologies passed down from high price points in the Vapor family.


The XE taper technology reduces overall weight while dialing in release and speed and improving shot stability. At 430 grams, this Vapor stick is incredibly light at this price point.


Stick Flex Profile
The 3X features Bauer’s XE Taper technology. The Vapor line still features their customary low kick stick profile, but the XE technology offers some improvements over past models. The tapered portion is slightly more narrow which reduces the overall weight of the stick. The taper also has a softened portion that increases release speed. The new taper geometry also improves blade stability and reduces torsional shift when shooting.


Shaft Construction
Throughout the shaft, the Bauer 3X stick utilizes high-end Unidirectional Carbon Fiber and an exciting HP molding process. These combine to give players a stick that plays and feels like a true, elite-level stick at a fraction of the cost.


Blade Construction & Stiffness
The Bauer 3X stick has the Vapor Pure Shot blade profile that is extra stiff. This helps with creating the quick release performance we expect from a Vapor hockey stick. The MaxBalance construction reinforces the blade edges to reduce weight and improve balance.


From a graphic perspective, you will notice more of the design direction and accents with the addition of more colour. There is a nice mix of black and white with some red accents as it flows from the shaft down to the blade.


The Bauer Vapor 3X Senior Hockey Stick is equipped with the standard Vapor grip. The entirety of the stick is covered in a clear coat that adds a bit of tackiness to the stick for improved control.


Blade Patterns, Flex & Stick Length
87 Flex (P88, P92, P28), L/R - 60”
77 Flex (P88, P92, P28), L/R - 60”
70 Flex (P88, P92, P28), L/R - 60”