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Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick



The Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Hockey Stick delivers truly elite performance backed with extra durability not typically found at this level.


The 3X Pro features top-end specs from top to bottom, but it’s reinforced shaft walls are what sets it apart from the pack.


Stick Flex Profile
The 3X Pro features Bauer’s XE Taper Technology. The Vapor line still features their customary true low kick stick profile, but the XE technology offers some improvements over past models. The tapered portion is slightly more narrow which reduces the overall weight of the stick. The taper also has a softened portion that increases release speed. The new taper geometry also improves blade stability and reduces torsional shift when shooting.


Shaft Construction
The elite level 3X Pro has shaft technology typically reserved for only the flagship models - Bauer’s Textreme lightweight construction. The fuse technology is Bauer’s high performance mold which offers a true 1-piece feel. Bauer also increased the carbon layering of the shaft which increases the shaft thickness slightly to improve durability, and any weight change was offset by the XE taper technology.

The 3X Pro is also coming in 5 grams lighter than the 2X pro. Bauer has made the release 5% quicker on slapshots and 10% tougher on impacts. If you remember, a big focus on the 2X Pro was the added durability features, so coming in an additional 10% stronger, while improving weight and recoil speed is a big win.


Blade Construction & Stiffness
True to the Vapor line, the 3X Pro has an extra stiff blade to work in unison with the low profile flex profile for a dynamic release. Like the 2X Pro, the 3X Pro utilizes Bauer’s TeXtreme technology in the blade as well. TeXtreme is 20% lighter and 20% more durable than traditional carbon fiber and is a big reason why the 3X Pro weighs an incredible 410 grams.

The MaxBalance blade can be found across the Vapor line and uses reinforced edges to allow for a lightweight core. This maintains the stiff shot profile while reducing stick weight and improving balance.


The Vapor 3X Pro graphic has taken inspiration from Bauer’s shadow series and made it a very dark base with dark accents. This graphic really plays into the elite player that doesn’t want a lot of colour pop on their stick.


The Bauer 3X Pro stick is equipped with the standard Vapor grip. The entirety of the stick is covered in a clear coat that adds a bit of tackiness to the stick for improved control.


Blade Patterns, Flex & Stick Length
At the 3X Pro Senior price point - the P92M pattern option becomes available. The ‘M’ notation indicates max blade height for the P92 pattern. This is the maximum blade height allowed from heel to toe - ultimately creating more surface area for the paler to make plays on the ice. This is extremely beneficial when taking face-offs and tipping pucks.

87 Flex (P88, P92, P28, P92M), L/R - 60”
77 Flex (P88, P92, P28, P92M), L/R - 60”
70 Flex (P88, P92, P28, P92M), L/R - 60”