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Bauer Vapor X Grip Junior Hockey Stick

Bauer Vapor X Grip Junior Hockey Stick



Bauer’s opening price point stick is the Bauer X series. This has replaced the previous NSX stick with some key upgrades across the line.


One key feature Bauer has added is the Vapor mold - meaning more rounded corners to provide a great feel, while creating a construction that is easy to load for rec level players.


Bauer has also significantly decreased the weight and improved the release speed for beginners learning to shoot the puck.


Stick Flex Profile
The Bauer X has a Mid-Kick flex profile. This is ideal for players looking for a well rounded, powerful release when shooting the puck in any situation. The Bauer X also features Easy Release Technology which helps players utilize the flex of the stick properly.


Shaft Construction
The Bauer X boasts a quality blend of unidirectional carbon fiber and micro feel 2 shaft dimension technology. This provides higher-end playability without sacrificing durability. The geometry of the shaft features squared corners with straight sidewalls. This offers a traditional, boxy feel in the hand for maximum grip.


Blade Construction & Stiffness
The blade of the stick is composed of unidirectional carbon fiber. Inherited from Easton, this technology adds a carbon fiber bridge though the center of the blade for better stability, puck control, and accuracy. Additional blade texture has been added to enhance puck feel and allow stick tape to hold tighter to the blade.


The Bauer X graphic takes inspiration from the Vapor graphic but tied in the colours to the other categories with blue and grey.


The Bauer X Senior Hockey Stick comes with a tacky grip finish. This helps players to keep control of their sticks for passing, shooting, and stick handling.


Blade Patterns, Flex & Stick Length
40 Flex (P92), L/R - 52”

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