Bauer Vapor X2.9 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor X2.9 Senior Ice Hockey Skates



  • Description

    TheBauer Vapor X2.9 Skatesis truly the value buy in this year's Vapor Line by providing better performance, comfort and fit at this price than ever before. Still used by 1000's of pro players around the globe, the Tech Mesh quarter package delivers premium support and stability needed for playing competitive hockey.

    With such a stiff boot, Bauer wanted to bring a new level of comfort to the X2.9. The new AeroFoam Padding blows up the stigma that elite skates can't be incredibly comfortable too, not to mention they even lined the footbed with memory foam. The top of the foot wasn't neglected either, the Vapor X2.9 features a pro-level felt tongue that protects and consoles one of the more delicate parts of the foot.

    Anytime the foot slips inside the boot, power is lost which is why the Bauer Vapor X2.9 utilizes a hydrophobic liner. While soft to the touch, this material keeps feet dry and locked into place all game long. Also integrated into the liner are Comfort Edge Pads that wrap the collar in order to prevent the stiff boot from painfully digging into the upper ankle.

    • Model Number:1054764
    • Heritage: X600
    • Level ofPlay Guideline:Performance


    • Quarter Package: 
    • 3D-lasted Tech Mesh with X-Rib Technology
    • Pro-level material that delivers featherlight performance, support and thermoforming properties
    • X-Ribs, seen on the rear of the boot, provides strategic support for better acceleration and stability 
    • Comfort Edge Padding
    • Located on the collar to prevent the boot from rubbing or irritating the ankle
    • Skate Laces: 
    • Unwaxed Bauer Vapor Skate Laces 
    • Liner:
    • Hydrophobic Microfiber with Grip
    • Keeps feet comfortably dry and locked into place all game long
    • Ankle Padding:
    • New AeroFoam Padding
    • Thicker and plusher than ever, AeroFoam provides better out-of-the-box comfort, fit and performance
    • Tongue Construction: 
    • 48oz, two-piece felt with injected metatarsal guard
    • Another pro-level feature designed to keep the top of the foot well-protected and comfortable without sacrificing forward flex
    • Footbed:
    • Form Fit +
    • Lined with a thick layer of memory foam for a luxurious feel for the feet
    • Outsole: 
    • Injected TPU
    • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Tuuk LightSpeed Edge Holder
    • Most popular holder in the NHL due to the innovative trigger system that allows broken or damaged runners to be swapped out in seconds 
    • The front and rear posts are 3mm taller than traditional holders, providing one of the most aggressive turning radius' on the market.
    • Tuuk LightSpeed LS1 Edge Steel Runners
    • Mid-grade polished steel with premium durability 
    • 9 ft. radius
    • 12mm exposed height
    • Weight of a size 8D skate: 891 grams