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Bauer X Youth Elbow Pads

Bauer X Youth Elbow Pads



The Bauer X youth elbow pad is an affordable option for the youngster looking to try out hockey for the first time. The Bauer X elbow has a hard cap to help protect from pucks, sticks, and falling and a comfortable hydrophobic mesh liner to wick away moisture and keep your elbow sitting comfortably in the pad. Bauer has also implemented an easy Y-shape anchor strapping system to help reduce time in the locker room while making sure to keep your elbow firmly locked in place.


Bauer has constructed the X youth elbow to be a one-piece pad. It is designed to be protective and easily slipped onto the kids.


Bicep & Forearm Protection
The forearm is equipped with a multi-density foam to protect from direct impacts to the forearm.


Elbow Cap
The elbow is anatomically designed to allow the youth player to have their elbow sit securely into the pad. Bauer also added in some detailed textures to give it some visual pop.


Strapping System
The Y-Shape Anchor Strap locks the elbow in place, not allowing any shifts or slips during play.


The Sublimated Hydrophobic mesh liner wicks away moisture, keeps the elbow pad dry, and is very lightweight. The integrated liner is molded that provides an instant lock-in feel.


The Bauer X youth elbow pad comes in the sizes Small, Medium, and Large. Check out our size guide to find your perfect fit.


Feature Description
Bicep Protection No
Category Recreational
Construction One-Piece
Elbow Caps Anatomical Designed Cap w/ Detailed Texture
Forearm Protection Medium Density Foam
Liner Sublimated Hydrophobic Mesh
Sizes S, M, L
Strapping System Y-Shape Anchor Strap
Warranty 90 Days


Hockey Elbow Pads Sizing Information

When fitting or trying on elbow pads, there are a few things to look at to make sure you have a proper fit. To start, make sure your elbow is placed in the center of cup or designated area and fasten the elbow pad using the straps. You will want to make sure that elbow pad is snug and secure and will not slip off the elbow joint. As well, move your arms around with each pad on, range of motion is key, and you will feel mobility differences in each product. If the elbow pad is too big it will shift and slide around on your arm. If it is too small your elbow will feel like it is sitting above the pad.


Compare your height, weight and age to the charts provided to find your best fit. As well, put on your shoulder pad and gloves and have someone measure the space/gap in between (in inches) to determine the proper sizing.