CCM FV1 Full Face Junior Visor

CCM FV1 Full Face Junior Visor



  • Description

    The CCM FV1 Full Shield is a highly anticipated addition to the CCM face protection lineup. It offers some of the best unobstructed vision on the market and incredible protection to boot. This is because CCM has designed the shield with a new modern look that includes superior anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings to maintain clear vision game after game.

    High-quality polycarbonate is the muscle behind the protection to offer consistent impact resistance to high-sticks and wild pucks. Strategic vents above and below the visor maintain steady airflow throughout the game without compromising the integrity of the construction.

    CCM also took care and consideration into the comfort aspects of the FV1 Full Shield by using a dual-density foam chin cup in a suspended design. Soft foam rests comfortably against the chin with channels to help guide moisture away from the face, and then closed-cell foam on the outside to protect against high sticks or rising pucks. Since it is built with closed-cell foam, the chin strap won't absorb water, keeping protection lightweight and comfortable every second of the game.

    • Model Number: FMFV1
    • Heritage: New
    • Cage Height: (distance from the middle of chin cup to top of cage)
      Size  /  Height
      JR / 5.5"
      SR / 6.25”


    • Construction:
      • High-quality polycarbonate visor and frame for maximum impact resistance
      • Visor width at the widest point
        • Senior - 4"
        • Junior - 3.25"
      • Strategic air vents above and below the visor to maximize airflow
      • Floating chin cup
        • Comfortable and snug-fitting
        • Dual-density foam increases protection while maintaining comfort
        • Channels to guide moisture away from the chin
      • Mounting hardware included:
        • 2 - J clips
        • 6 - mounting screws
      • Helmet bag included
      • Snap Screw w/Post
      • Replaceable Top Clips are available here
    • Protection:
      • CSA, CE, HECC certified
    • Vision:
      • Wide and unobstructed field of vision
      • Premium anti-fog coating
      • Superior anti-scratch coating