CCM Tacks 9060 Senior Hockey Gloves

CCM Tacks 9060 Senior Hockey Gloves



  • Description

    The CCM Tacks 9060 Glove features the all-new Flex Cuff which can be seen in the top two models. With an extra segmented piece that moves independently from the rest of the cuff, protection stays where it needs to be while allowing the wrist to get full mobility when shooting and stick-handling. Protection in the backhand and fingers is constructed with dual-density foams and plastic inserts for a high level of protection. The 9060 feels like it was broken in yesterday and has a very comfortable contoured wrap around the fingers, backhand, and cuff. CCM re-designed the segmentation to the backhand to achieve that fit and mobility.

    The palm gives players a pro-like stick feel with the Nash base and grip printed Nash overlay. The overlay has been extended this year to give players an even better stick feel, and is reinforced with double-stitching to increase durability against wear and tear. Air holes in the fingers are a nice new touch too, allowing air to keep the fingers dry and reduce drying time after the game. Internally, CCM used their premium microfiber in the cuff that is also treated with Polygiene. The cuff's liner does a great job at wicking away moisture while the Polygiene impedes odor-causing bacteria from forming to keep the 9060's smelling fresh for a lot longer.

    • Model Number: HG9060
    • Heritage: Tacks 5092 / Tacks 4052 / C300
    • Level of Play Guideline: Performance
    • Fit Guidelines: Contoured - Natural, anatomical fit close to the hand; flexible cuff fits like tapered fit
    • Sizing Guidelines: Size varies on personal preference, see sizing chart below




    • Durable cable knit, and high-quality polyester
    • Flexible material for a broken-in feel right out of the box 
    • Cable knit utilized in high-wear areas for its excellent abrasion-resistance
    • Screen printed CCM logos
    • Synthetic leather cuff roll logo with stitched outline


    • Dual-density PE foam with plastic insert reinforcement
    • Thick, lightweight protection with integrated plastic inserts in the fingers, backhand and cuff roll 
    • Dual-density cuff
    • Two-piece molded thumb and thick medium-density foams
    • Increases mobility while still preventing hyperextension
    • Two-piece thumb (SR only 13", 14", 15")


    • Nash palm with doubled stitched black nash overlay 
    • Provides better durability without sacrificing stick feel
    • Grip print added for increased stick grip
    • Palm Extension
    • Finger air holes
    • Allows air to keep the fingers cool and dry
    • Reduces drying time after gameplay
    • Stretch nylon finger gussets
    • Gives a game-ready feel


    • Premium, laminated cuff liner for ultimate comfort and moisture management
    • Treated with Polygiene to impede odor causing bacteria from forming
    • Comfortable moisture-wicking mesh nylon through the backhand and fingers


    • Contoured - Natural, anatomical fit close to the hand; flexible cuff fits like tapered fit
    • Flex cuff
    • Increases wrist mobility while keeping the protection in place
    • Three-piece index finger


    • 10", 11", 12", 13", 14", 15"


    • 277 grams (Based on a 14")


    Sizing Chart

    For more information on how to size and select a hockey glove, click here

    Note: The information below is a general sizing guideline and DOES NOT guarantee fit.

    Glove Size Age Height Weight (lbs)
    10" 8 - 11 4'3" - 4'8" 60 - 90
    11" 9 - 12 4'5" - 5'0" 70 - 100
    12" 11 - 14 4'11" - 5'4" 80 - 110
    13" 14+ 5'5" - 5'9" 120 - 160
    14" 14+ 5'7" - 5'11" 140 - 180
    15" 15+ 5'9"+ 160+