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CCM Jetspeed FT4 Junior Ice Hockey Pant

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Junior Ice Hockey Pant



CCM Jetspeed FT4 Hockey Pants have been redesigned to amplify mobility while being great value in an elite level pant. While still offering great protection, you’ll immediately take notice of how light they are when you pick them up for the first time.


External Materials
Heavy duty 400D textured nylon side panel reinforcement provides the durability you’ve come to expect from CCM’s elite level pants. A textured polyester design has been added to enhance the tapered profile.


Thigh Protection
Lightweight foam and molded plastic thigh pads provide you with top-level protection but are slightly heavier than the FT4 model.


Hip Protection
Molded plastic hip caps give you maximum impact protection for those big impacts.


Spine and Tailbone Protection

A floating spine protector offers maximum spine protection. The size of the spine protector sits just right and doesn’t restrict movement. It was also designed to reduce unnecessary overlap with your shoulder pads.

The FT4 features a segmented tailbone pad with high-density foams that gives it a great contoured fit.


Kidney Protection
Featuring molded plastic caps, the FT4 offers elite level kidney impact protection. The molded plastics also provide the pants with structure so it will hold its shape over the long term.


Belt/Lace Closure
CCM’s internal belt system has received an upgrade to a wider more durable belt that will stay secure. Front laces have been removed and a wide front opening and stretchy panels for seamless Velcro adjustment help create a noticeable range of movement.

CCM’s hidden +1” length adjusting zipper returns to allow players to customize pant length – this is especially a great feature for growing players or taller players.


Leg Zippers
There are leg zippers built into the inner legs of the pants, as well as a 1” length adjustment at the waist, allowing you to drop the length of the leg an additional 1” from stock.


Feature Description
Belt/Lace Closure Built-In Internal Belt System
Category Elite
External Material 400D nylon and textured nylon 400D side panels
Hip Protection Molded plastic caps
Kidney Protection Molded plastic caps
Leg Zippers Inner Leg zippers and +1” length adjustable zipper
Liner DryFoam technology with soft laminated water repellent lining
Sizes S - XL
Spine Protection Floating spine protector with injection-molded hybrid spine shield
Tailbone Protection Segmented Tailbone Pad
Thigh Protection Lightweight foam + molded plastic
Warranty 90 Days


Player Pant Sizing

When sizing for player pants, preference will largely determine how loose the waist of the pants fit. Your pants should fit comfortably around you, and most people like the waist to fit snug, but not too tight. A pant should fit so the belt is sitting right above your hips and around your waist.


Pants come equipped with at least one belt or fastening system to help them secure to your waist. You want to make sure that they are comfortable but not too loose so that they shift or fall down as you move or skate.

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