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CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Junior Hockey Elbow Pads

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Junior Hockey Elbow Pads



The CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Hockey Elbow Pads received some nice upgrades to their popular 3-piece design. A refined fit allows the pad to follow the elbow’s natural movements, allowing you to dangle, pass and shoot with the best of them. An update to the strapping system locks your elbow in place well while Zotefoam foams keep the pad super lightweight. 


The Jetspeed FT4 Pro features CCM’s proven 3-piece design. Having 3 separate pieces that move with your arm creates a natural feel and range of mobility you won’t get in a traditional 2-piece elbow pad. It also helps create a superior lock-in so your elbow pad stays where it’s supposed to be during puck battles.


Bicep & Forearm Protection
The bicep and forearm feature exposed, high-density molded foams that provide elite-level bicep protection that stays dry and light.

Improved pro-level forearm protection from premium Zotefoam and high-density foam guards offers high-end lightweight protection.


Elbow Cap
The FT4 Pro features a molded JDP (Joint Dispersing Protection) elbow cap construction designed to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint, plus a reinforced exposed high-density foam cover for even more protection.


Strapping System
A return to a traditional elastic top strap might seem a bit simple but sometimes simple is best. The redesigned middle Lock Strap has a wide neoprene portion of the strap that works comfortably with the inside of your arm. A non-stretch nylon forearm strap is used to lock down the fit. And finally, wide Velcro landing zones allow a wide range of fit.

Altogether, this strapping system keeps the elbow pad securely in place close to the body, where it should be, without hindering arm movement.


CCM’s Dryfoam liner absorbs less sweat to keep the FT4 Pro lighter and drier throughout your ice time.


Feature Description
Bicep Protection Exposed High-Density Molded Foams
Category Elite
Construction Three-Piece Design
Elbow Caps Molded JDP Construction
Exposed High-Density Foam Cover
Forearm Protection Premium Zotefoam
High-Density Foam
Liner Dryfoam
Sizes S - L
Strapping System Padded Neoprene Middle Lock Strap
Nylon Forearm Strap
Warranty 90 Days


Hockey Elbow Pads Sizing Information

When fitting or trying on elbow pads, there are a few things to look at to make sure you have a proper fit. To start, make sure your elbow is placed in the center of cup or designated area and fasten the elbow pad using the straps. You will want to make sure that elbow pad is snug and secure and will not slip off the elbow joint. As well, move your arms around with each pad on, range of motion is key, and you will feel mobility differences in each product. If the elbow pad is too big it will shift and slide around on your arm. If it is too small your elbow will feel like it is sitting above the pad.


Compare your height, weight and age to the charts provided to find your best fit. As well, put on your shoulder pad and gloves and have someone measure the space/gap in between (in inches) to determine the proper sizing.

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