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CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads

CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads



The CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Hockey Shoulder Pads offer elite level protection and mobility in a lightweight package. The tapered design produces exceptional range of motion for that perfect broken in feeling from the first shift. The Jetspeed protective lineup is notorious for having incredible comfort off the shelf and the FT4 Pro is no different.


Zotefoam Premier Material
Exclusive to the FT4 Pro model is a premium foam called Zotefoam. This material is superior in terms of quality, durability, and build consistency over traditional foams. The properties of the Zotefoam allow for the exposed liner-free design we see with the FT4 Pro model.


Shoulder Caps & Protection
The FT4 Pro shoulder pads use a variety of foams that are optimized to keep you dry and light throughout the game. The exposed foam-only design prevents moisture from absorbing into the gear to keep you feeling quick from buzzer to buzzer.

The low profile design keeps everything tight to the body. This body wrapping design improves freedom of movement and is especially noticeable during large movements like slapshots. The gear moves with you instead of bunching or bulking up. Not only does it create terrific range of motion, but the protective pieces keep you covered as you make plays on the ice.

The FT4 Pro shoulder pads use pro-level U-Foam caps. U-Foam has been a Jetspeed staple and is both lightweight and durable. The stiff EPP core offers the rigid protection you want from a pro level shoulder pad to absorb and disperse high speed impacts.


Sternum Protection
The new Hybrid Shield Sternum uses a combination of hard HDPE plastic and high density PE foam to offer high caliber protection while keeping a low profile. The new sternum design doesn’t add any weight or bulk, but ensures this key area is well protected.


Spine Protection
The new Hybrid Shield Spine + Neck Comfort Pad mirrors the Hybrid Shield Sternum with a combination of HDPE plastic and high density PE. The neck comfort pad allows for full movement without any pressure points when keeping your head on the swivel.


Bicep Protection
The triangular design of the bicep guards on the FT4 Pro allow for improved range of motion without sacrificing protection. HD molded foam guards are perfectly curved to hug the bicep. To get the fit perfectly dialed in, you can adjust the FT4 Pro bicep guard length with a Velcro strap beneath the shoulder cap.


Stay Dry No Liner Design
A unique no-liner design prevents moisture accumulation to maximize weight reduction. The closed cell Zotefoam is exposed internally and externally so sweat can drip and wash away without absorbing into fabric. Stay dry and stay light so you can play at peak performance.


Abdominal Protection Piece
The Premier Vented Zotefoam Flex Motion Base Jacket does the heavy lifting in terms of protection. Extremely lightweight foams wrap around the torso to provide additional coverage in the upper chest, oblique and lower back areas. The removable belly pad allows you to customize the fit depending on your individual build.



The CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Junior Hockey Shoulder Pad is available in sizes Medium and Large. Check out our size guide to find the perfect fit.