CCM JetSpeed Jr. Ice Hockey Skates

CCM JetSpeed Jr. Ice Hockey Skates

Player Profile	For the player looking for the ultimate in performance and speed
Fit Profile	Contoured fit
Heat Moldable	Yes
Quarter Package	ROCKETFRAME™ Composite
Heel Support	Contoured ROCKETFRAME™ Shell w/ SpeedCore 2 Plus inner
Ankle Padding	Multi density memory foam
Tendon Guard	Traditional Flex reinforced with PU
Lining Material	ROCKETFRAME™ Composite
Tongue	JetProtect tongue
Footbed	CCM custom support footbed
Outsole	Ultralight Carbon force with full exhaust
Blade Holder	Speed Blade 4.0
Runner	SpeedBlade Hyper-Glide
Weight (gm)	790
Weight (oz)	27.87

    The next saga in CCM’s RBZ skate line is here. While the skate may look familiar, the JetSpeed has been redesigned from the ground up to drastically improve boot construction, fit, and performance.

    CCM set out to offer an improved “close to the foot” fit with excellent heat molding properties, comprised of lightweight components. The result is CCM’s ROCKETFRAME™, a fully shaped composite shell with improved heel lock, providing contoured support for maximum performance and speed. The quarter package is supported internally by a heatmoldable SpeedCore 2 Plus. With a natural, contoured shape and great heat molding capabilities, SpeedCore 2 Plus is the perfect complement to the already awesome fit of the ROCKETFRAME™. The upper package is finished with a Dual zone soft touch liner – a SuperDry Lightweight liner with Durazone abrasion patch enhances comfort and helps prolong the life of the boot.

    CCM’s JetProtect tongue is a two-piece design featuring a multi-layer felt construction with molded, high density, metatarsal guard. The result is pro-level protection and comfort regardless of what the game may throw your way. Additionally, CCM’s custom support footbeds provide a new level of comfort and customization with three arch support levels to choose from, for a truly custom 360 fit.

    The boot sits atop an Ultra-light Carbon Force Outsole With full exhaust ports for maximum ventilation and moisture management. The Ultralight Carbon Force outsole features power channels that provide superior power transfer to the ice, and is the perfect balance of ultra-light weight and serious stiffness and strength. When mounted to CCM’s Speedblade 4.0 holder with Hyper-Glide runner, the JetSpeed is Fit to Fly!