CCM RibCor 42K Pump Jr. Ice Hockey Skates

CCM RibCor 42K Pump Jr. Ice Hockey Skates

Player Profile	Designed with an agility profile that allows for increased range of motion and helps to maximize control in an easy-to-break-in skate.
Fit Profile Out of the box fit and customization with Advanced Pump®. Narrow Heel and Forefoot with a Tapered Ankle Fit.
Heat Moldable Yes
Quarter Package Elite Synthetic Upper
Heel Support Embossed ribs
Ankle Padding The Advanced Pump®
Tendon Guard Flexion design
Lining Material Quick-drying Dual zone lightweight Tricot
Tongue 7 mm high density Felt and foam insert
Footbed CCM footbed
Outsole Vented low-profile injected
Blade Holder SpeedBlade 4.0 Pro
Runner Non-replaceable Stainless Steel
Weight (gm) 832
Weight (oz) 29.35

    The RIBCOR skates have been traded from Reebok to CCM! Living up to the reputation that Reebok skates have earned as being among the best out of box fit, Reebok has handed the torch over to CCM’s RIBCOR series skate to continue that tradition. CCM’s RIBCOR 42K was designed to optimize agility and control. They are easy to break in, offer good flexibility and of course allow for a unique type of customized fit through the use of its next generation pump, Advanced Pump® technology.

    For those of you that aren't familiar with that technology, the Advanced Pump® allows you to control the amount of air that you circulate into the air bladders around the ankles, thus enhancing heel lock by eliminating negative space and giving you the option to adjust for fit in a matter of seconds between shifts. It is more efficient than its predecessor as it fills quicker and holds more air. The RIBCOR 42K has a tapered fit in the ankle and is slightly narrower in the heel and the forefoot in comparison to the Tacks and RBZ lines from CCM.

    CCM uses an elite synthetic upper as the construction in the quarter which reacts well to heat molding, and will help reduce break in time. The two elements of the agility profile that contribute to forward and backward flexibility are the boot cut and the 13° forward lean (RBZ is 10°, while Tacks are 16°). Heel lock is achieved from a combination of a tapered fit in the ankle, the use of internal ankle foams, and the Advanced Pump®.

    The tongue is made of a 7mm high density felt with a foam insert. The RIBCOR 42K has the vented low profile injected outsole which serves as the platform for mounting the SpeedBlade 4.0 Pro holder, which also features the additional 4 mm in height, just like the SpeedBlade 4.0 +, to help increase the angle of attack. A non-replaceable long lasting stainless steel runner is included. Agility and comfort come as a package deal with the Ribcor 42K skates from CCM.