CCM Super Tacks AS1 Youth Shin Guards

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Youth Shin Guards



  • Description

    The CCM Super Tacks AS1 Youth Shin Guards are a fantastic choice for the competitive young hockey star. They bolster high-level protection in a very comfortable and adjustable construction.

    D30 Smart Foam is directly integrated into the knee doughnut for elite-level impact absorption, perfect for when they fall to their knees. The outer shell deflects energy from pucks and sticks away from the leg while thick foam backs the shell to protect the thigh, knee, shin, and calf. 

    The rest of the liner uses soft foam that naturally shapes to the leg for incredible comfort and added protection. The liner itself can be removed for easy washing, quicker drying times, and to easily adjust for the perfect fit.

    • Model Number: SGAS1
    • Heritage: Super Tacks / Ultra Tacks / Reebok 20K KFS
    • Level of Play Guideline: Elite 



    • Molded, ribbed shin shell
    • Ribbed construction allows the shell to deflect impact energy away from the leg


    • Medium-density foam


    • D30 Smart Foam integrated straight into the upper liner
    • D30 Foam is rate sensitive, meaning it's soft and pliable in its natural state, but upon receiving impact hardens and quickly absorbs impact energy. It provides pro-level protection
    • Removable moisture-wicking liner
    • Easy to wash and reduces post-game drying


    • 2-Strap system
    • 3/4" elastic knee strap
    • 1.5" elastic calf strap


    • Traditional Fit
    • Offers maximum coverage and protection
    • Still has an anatomical wrap for great responsiveness


    • 235 grams (Based on a YTH LG)