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CCM Super Tacks Grip Int. Hockey Stick

CCM Super Tacks Grip Int. Hockey Stick

The new Super Tacks is really considered to be our true all-in-one stick. Trusted Tacks performance has been taken to the next level with its two distinctive loading zones. It allows for maximum loading on both wrist and slap shots due to the different stiffness zones. The blade is even lighter than the previous version and the durability of the shaft has been increased. The new Super Tacks is a stick you can rely on no matter what the game situation.

Kick Point
Dual Flex Profile - Optimized mid kick point which offers a softer loading zone for wrist shots and a stiffer on for slap shots

Bumper technology with reinforced slash zone - Increase in the strength of the shaft by adding material in the most vulnerable part of the shaft, the slash zone for uncompromising durability

Aculite Blade - A new layup allows us to achieve an extremely light blade while maintaining its high stiffness for a more accurate shot

420 Grams (Senior)