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CCM Tacks 4052 Grip Int. Hockey Stick

CCM Tacks 4052 Grip Int. Hockey Stick

Player ProfileDesigned for the player that values precision, accuracy and consistency in their shots
Kick Point / Flex ProfileMid kick point
Shaft ConstructionFused one-piece construction made w/ carbon fiber and fiber glass
Shaft Geometry"T" - traditional or square corners which are slightly rounded
Shaft CoatingFull grip w/ strategically placed texture
Shaft TaperSlight, gradual
Blade CoreATTACKFRAME™ - 2 reinforced bridges that run the length of the blade plus strong outer frame, foam core between frame and bridges
Blade WrapCCM Proprietary
Blade CoatingMatte finish
Stick Used for MeasurementPending
*Average Weight (gm)Pending
*Average Weight (oz)Pending

The next generation of the legendary Tacks name is here and better than ever, and with it comes a beefed up line of CCM’s most durable sticks to date. With RBZ offering a custom kick and Ribcor offering a quick release low kick, CCM caters to the snipers with a mid-kick point in the Ultra Tacks lineup. The Tacks 4052 was designed to provide accuracy, precision and performance.

CCM incorporated their successful Attackframe technology, found in the original Tacks stick, with the Tacks 4052. Engineers designed the blade to have a structure with a strong outer frame and two stiffer bridges that run heel to toe. The stiff reinforcements that run across the blade help with durability along with bending stiffness and torsional rigidity to prevent any twisting of the blade to keep you square to your target while delivering consistent and accurate shots.

This composite shaft is made with carbon fiber and fiber glass and uses a traditional geometry with square-corners which have strategically placed tactile texture and a grip finish. There is a very slight gradual taper because of the mid kick flex profile to a nice transition where the blade and the shaft meet. On the inside of the matte finished blade, is the Attackframe tech mentioned above with a foam core between the frame and bridges.

CCM strived for a durable stick that will provide accuracy and performance. If you are a player looking to enhance your game with precision, accuracy, and consistency (all qualities of a sniper), then check out CCM’s 4052 hockey stick.