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CCM Tacks 9060 Junior Shin Guards

CCM Tacks 9060 Junior Shin Guards



The CCM Super Tacks 9060 Shin Guards! As with the entirety of this new protective line from CCM Hockey, these shin guards were designed to give players elite protection, customizability, and comfort they seek to perform at their highest levels!


Shin Protection
The shin cap on the 9060 Shin Guard is anatomically designed to fit your leg, with PE materials providing you protection against pucks, sticks and falling. An added tape groove feature is provided to give you a more secure fit.


Knee Cap & Protection
The 9060 knee cap is a JDP molded PE cap design. JDP, short for Joint Dispersing Protection, is designed to do exactly what the name says, disperse impact away from your joints, dulling the overall impact on your knee cap. Dog bone style protection is provided to surround your leg giving you extra protection on the side of your knee.


Calf Protection
The calf protection is molded to fit securely around the back of the leg. Constructed from exposed PE foam, this providing you a good level of protection on your calf.


The CCM 9060 Shin Pad has an upgraded comfort liner. This will provide you a soft to the touch liner that is comfortable to wear. The liner is removable for better drying and cleaning.


The strapping system features the upper lock strap found on the Tacks 9080 shin guard for around the bottom of the knee, locking the pad in place. There is also an elastic strap across the calf to keep the shin guard tight to the leg.



Feature Description
Calf Protection Molded PE Calf Guard
Category Performance
Knee Cap JDP Molded PE Cap
Shin Protection Anatomical PE Shin Cap Design with Tape Groove
Liner Comfort Liner
Made In  
Removable Liner Yes
Side Knee Protection Dog Bone Side Knee Protection
Sizes 11” - 13”
Strapping System Upper Lock Strap and Length Adjustable Calf Strap
Warranty 90 Days


Player Shin Guard Sizing

When sizing a shin pad, you must determine first if you will wear the shin pad over top of the skate tongue, or if the skate tongue will sit in front of shin pad and “flop” forward. This will determined the length of the shin pad you will want.


Your knee should fit directly into the center of the kneecap, which is usually lined and padded to help direct it and provide comfort. Once the pad is strapped to your leg, it should be secure and snug and should NOT be able to twist rotate or slide freely.