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CCM Tacks 9080 Junior Ice Hockey Pant

CCM Tacks 9080 Junior Ice Hockey Pant



The CCM Tacks 9080 hockey pants are a highly protective pant with a great fit. This pant is a classic CCM cut, designed to offer pro level protection. It features trusted protection features like JDP caps and D3O smart material at the hips and spine.


External Materials
A 400-denier nylon exterior on the with reinforced side panels reduces the overall weight while optimizing durability by adding additional material only in the main wear and tear locations.


Thigh Protection
The 9080 Tacks hockey pant features molded HD and PE foams to offer Pro level protection. The leg zipper along the side of the pant allows for additional mobility as you push yourself to take the next stride.


Hip Protection
The Tacks 9080 pant features JDP hip caps which use a renowned shape to disperse impacts away from the hip joint. These caps are also lined with D3O smart material to provide a pro level of protection.


Tailbone Protection
An articulated tailbone protector combining high-density and mid-density foams stays in place when you need it most. This design has been a tried and tested over many years to give you maximum protection.


Spine Protection
The CCM 9080 pant features a floating spine protector that provides you a high level of impact protection in your lower back area. D3O smart material is utilized to further help protect against nasty crosschecks and other impacts.


Kidney Protection
The focus on protection continues with high quality molded plastic inserts to help protect your kidneys. The kidney padding is tapered and stays close to the body for pro level protection when you need it most.


Belt/Lace Closure
A foam-padded external belt hides a length adjusting zipper which enables the pants to increase in length by 1” for taller players or to accommodate players that are still growing. In addition to the external foam-padded belt, a padded internal belt system provides a better, more secure fit on the hips. A skate lace ties at the front to fully secure the pants (and for style points).


Leg Zippers
The 9080 pants are topped off with leg zippers along the inseams for players who prefer to put their skates on before their pants or simply looking for more freedom of movement for their skating stride once adjusted.


Feature Description
Belt/Lace Closure Foam-Padded External Belt
Category Performance
External Material Pro 400D Nylon
Hip Protection JDP Hip Cap Reinforced with D3O Smart Material
Kidney Protection Molded PE Cap
Leg Zippers Yes
Made In China
Sizes S - XXL
Spine Protection Floating Spine Protector with D3O Smart Material
Tailbone Prote