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CCM Tacks 9550 Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads

CCM Tacks 9550 Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads



The CCM Tacks 9550 Hockey Shoulder Pads targeting the recreational player. The key features to look out for in this shoulder pad are the molded (PE) polyethylene caps, PE foam base, floating sternum, and PE inserted spine. For the recreational players playing roughly 1-2 times a week, these shoulder pads are the perfect match.


Shoulder Caps & Protection
CCM constructed these shoulder pads to be single-layer with polyethylene foam inside. By doing this it allows the shoulder pad to be reliable, functional, and protect you with a light feel to them. The shoulder caps are also full coverage, consisting of molded polyethylene to safeguard you from impacts and falls.


Sternum Protection
The anatomical floating molded polyethylene sternum offers a high level of protection, and keeps you feeling light.


Spine Protection
Polyethylene is also found along the spine for added protection.


Bicep Protection
These shoulder pads also offer a great buffer between you and the hit with their molded polyethylene caps over the bicep regions.


Abdominal Protection Piece
At this price point level, this shoulder does not feature a removable abdominal protection piece.



The CCM Tacks 9550 Junior Hockey Shoulder Pad comes in the sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

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