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CCM Tacks 9550 Senior Hockey Elbow Pads

CCM Tacks 9550 Senior Hockey Elbow Pads



The CCM Tacks 9550 Hockey Elbow Pads targeting the entry-level or recreational player. The key features to look out for in this elbow pad are the JDP (Joint Dispersing Protection) caps, PE inserts, One-Piece construction, and a simplified three-strap system. For the recreational players playing roughly 1-2 times a week, these elbow pads are a perfect match.


The Tacks 9550 is a one-piece elbow that is lightweight and moves with the skater’s arm as it’s needed.


Bicep & Forearm Protection
The bicep is covered with a lightweight foam that is protective, and doesn’t restrict any movement. The forearm also has Polyethylene inserts to help protect against direct impacts to the area.


Elbow Cap
The elbow cap is equipped with CCM’s JDP (Joint Displacing Protection) designed to to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint while the PE insert provides great fit and comfort.


Strapping System
CCM has simplified the Tacks 9550 to a three-strap system which allows you to easily customize the fit and comfort level of the elbow pad.