John Wilson - Gold Seal

John Wilson - Gold Seal



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  • Description

    The Definitive Free Skating Blade
    Model:   Gold Seal
    Sizes:   8″ through 12″ in 1/4″ increments.
    Rocker Radius:  8′ Radius
    Radius of Hollow (ROH):   5/16″
    Blade Style:   Tapered (Hollow Ground)
    Rake Style:   Cross Cut


    The Wilson GOLD SEAL is the Definitive Free Skating Blade and is available from . The GOLD SEAL is designed to give the Optimum Performance. The GOLD SEAL features a solid Sole Plate for increased rigidity and has a Tapered Hollow Ground or Side Honed. John Wilson has been manufacturing world champion ice skates for more than 300 years. Committed to creating the world’s most advanced blades John Wilson precision hardens every blade using the highest quality steel.


    The Tapered Hollow Ground is for Advanced Blades where the blade is thicker at the rake of the blade and is thinned consistently down the length of the blade to the tail. Tapering of the blade results in reduced blade resistance when skating in a forward direction. These Blades are also hide Hollow Ground, which is the removal of steel at the factory to reduce blade weight but more importantly provide more defined edges and increased Angle to the Ice for tighter turns.


    The Rake is Cross Cut which is multi-directional milling and provides added lateral stability when performing jumps. The more dominate the picks the greater the potential for jumping elevation.