Riedell Sparkle 18

Riedell Sparkle 18

  • Description

    Boot Material: PVC

    Color: White

    Series: Beginner/Soft

    Support Rating: 0-30 (Light)

    Tongue Rating: 1.0-1.5 (Light)



    The NEW 118 Sparkle is an updated favorite!


    Beginner and pleasure skaters will appreciate the soft boot comfort and support in this attractive restyled skate. The Riedell 118 Sparkle skate set has an updated look, stronger hooks and slightly more support than the original Sparkle's light support rating. Man-made uppers with extra comfort padded linings cushion feet and a split tongue design provides stability on the ice. A maintenance free PVC sole keeps feet dry while a stainless steel blade gives skaters a smooth edge. The 118 Sparkle is perfect for a beginner or pleasure skater.


    Skate Skill Level

    • Beginner


    • Available in White/Violet

    Support Level

    • Boot: 25 Support Rating -- Light 
    • Tongue: 1.5 Tongue Rating

    Blade Information:

    • Spiral Blade
      • Stainless Steel
      • Beginner Rakes
      • Riedell Series: Entry Level
      • Eclipse Blade Ranges: 1, 2